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How to reach player?
PM: This account, [personal profile] wildmage_daine, [personal profile] jennifer_strange or [personal profile] rae_of_sun
AIM: Platy121

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: By all means!
Threadhopping with this character: Probably fine, but give me a heads up, first.
Fourthwalling: Keep it light, please.
Canon puncture: As if Jodie needs more reasons to avoid you.
Offensive subjects: None that I can think of.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: Heterosexual/heteroromantic
Hugging this character: Go for it!
Flirting with this character: Jodie probably won't mind. Aiden probably will.
Giving this character a kiss: See above.
Something more intimate: See above (though fade-to-black is an option)
Relationships: Unlikely in the short run, not impossible in the long run.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: Aiden will kill you if you try anything.
Fighting with this character: Go for it!
Injuring this character: Probably fine, but talk it over with me, first.
Killing this character: Nope.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead. She can't stop you.
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The Player
Name/nickname: Carrie
Age: 29
Pronouns: female
Contact: PM here, [personal profile] wildmage_daine, [personal profile] jennifer_strange, or [personal profile] rae_of_sun; Platy121 on AIM
Currently played characters: Daine Sarrasri, Jennifer Strange, and Rae "Sunshine" Seddon

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] heysoulsister
Name: Jodie Holmes/Aiden (pronounced EYE-den)
Alias: Agent 894732
Age/Birthdate: 21 years old
Species: Jodie is human, Aiden is an entity
Canon: Beyond Two Souls
Canon point: After "Hunted" but before "Homeless."
Played By: Ellen Page



Jodie is a trained CIA agent, and knows how to handle a gun - and handle herself in a fistfight. She also has some latent telekinetic abilities, but she rarely has cause to use them, and doing so will probably leave her disoriented and nosebleedy. She can also see what she refers to as 'entities': creatures from the infraworld (a.k.a. the Other Side), including the souls of the dead.

With Aiden's help, she can channel these spirits, allowing them to speak through her. Also with Aiden's assistance, she can review the last memories of the recently deceased by touching the corpse, or pick up similar 'memories' by touching an object that 'observed' a significant event. She can see thought Aiden's eyes when he's exploring an environment and communicate with him telepathically.

Aiden is tethered to Jodie and lacks physical form, but his abilities are nonetheless extensive. Being incorporeal, he can move through walls, doors, and ceilings unhindered by anything but his connection to Jodie, which gives him something like a 20-yard range in any direction away from her body (if he pushes it or spends a long time at the edge of that range, it causes Jodie physical pain and lingering disorientation). Moderate temperature manipulation gives him the ability to make his presence known, either by giving people a chill or by fogging over glass, which he can then write on. He can move objects around much like a poltergeist and manipulate electrical appliances and computers (examples include: turning on a radio, shorting out a camera, or editing information on a computer). He can heal Jodie - or others under her direction, provided he's feeling cooperative - and can form a protective barrier around her if she does something stupid like jump off of a moving train. Canonically, he can also possess the bodies of others and/or strangle them, but the rift will remove those abilities, reasoning (if the rift can reason) that Aiden's ability to throw a microwave at someone's head is more than enough.


Jodie is 5'1" and in fairly good shape - or she would be under ideal circumstances. However, she's been on the run for a few weeks, and the stress and exhaustion have taken their toll: she's leaner than usual, her clothes are scuffed, and she bears scars from some of her more violent adventures. She's also thoroughly paranoid, which manifests in a tendency to look over her shoulder (literally and figuratively). She doesn't want to be noticed, and carries herself accordingly: head down, shoulders hunched, but always on the lookout for pursuers. Once she realizes she's safe from the CIA/DPA, some of the paranoia will fade, but she will likely continue to try and fly under the radar as much as possible.

Aiden is invisible, but here is a drawing Jodie made of him when she was a little girl.

 photo Aiden_zps9a43804c.png

Jodie is the person; Aiden is the ominous black scribble.


Jodie has lived a life both haunted and sheltered. Her foster parents abandoned her when she was a child, and the researchers who essentially raised her allowed her to be taken in by the CIA when she was in her late teens, so she has some abandonment issues and is hesitant to get too attached to anyone. That being said, she likes to be useful and help people out, so it's not too difficult for her to make friends under such circumstances (though she's less skilled at small talk). If you manage to earn her trust, you'll find her a loyal and protective friend, but it won't be a quick or easy process.

She has never been afforded the freedom to make real decisions about her own life, and while she strongly resents this, she's also at something of a loss when she does get a rare opportunity to call the shots. She longs for agency, but she's not used to it and doesn't always know quite what to do with it.

Jodie has a strong moral code, and is at her best when there is a clear struggle between good and evil and she's fighting for the good. Under those circumstances, she's willing to go to great lengths to right wrongs and complete her mission, often disregarding her own safety (to Aiden's frustration). However, she detests being used; few things infuriate her as much as being misled into using her power for someone else's questionable ends, and she's hesitant to throw herself behind any cause that she isn't sure is right.

Aiden's primary motivation is keeping Jodie safe and alive (whether she wants him to or not). He is both protective and possessive of her, making him as likely to throw a chair at someone who threatened her as he is to throw a chair at a nice young man she invited over for dinner. Much as he loves Jodie, he is also frustrated by the tether that binds them together. His means of expressing his resentment are limited to occasional tantrums and a general tendency to be stubborn or uncooperative in situations where Jodie's life or safety aren't at stake, but that doesn't make things any less exasperating for Jodie.


Jodie and Aiden have been connected since birth. Jodie is the daughter of two "gifted" individuals who worked with the DPA; little is known of her biological father, and her mother was put into a medicated coma after Jodie's birth out of fear that her telekinetic powers might put Jodie and others in danger. Unbeknownst to Jodie, Aiden is the soul of her twin brother, who died during childbirth and attached himself to her rather than be parted from her. Aiden hasn't been forthcoming about this, though; all Jodie knows is that Aiden has been a constant presence by her side for as long as she can remember.

For the first eight years of her life, Jodie was raised by her parents - technically her foster parents - but it was not an idyllic childhood. Her parents were aware that she was different from other children. Rogue entities would attack Jodie in her bed, leaving her shaken and covered in scratches, and Aiden would occasionally make his presence known by moving objects and messing with the electricity. As the girl grew, so did Aiden's strength, and his displays became increasingly violent and alarming.

Her parents tried to limit Jodie's contact with the rest of the world in the hopes of keeping her differences hidden, but when the girl snuck out of her yard one winter's day to play with the other kids, things went south. A boy rubbed snow in Jodie's face, and Aiden retaliated by cutting off the boy's air supply for a few lingering moments. Her foster parents had reached their limit, and Jodie was brought in to the DPA.

There, Jodie was introduced to Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman, two scientists who specialized in paranormal events. In the interests of everyone's safety, Jodie was moved to a DPA lab, where she lived in a small and closely monitored apartment. Shortly after the move, her foster parents announced that they were being transferred to another military base and would be leaving Jodie behind. Aiden attacks Jodie's foster father, but refrains from killing him.

Jodie grew up in the lab under Nathan and Cole's protection and scrutiny. They were eager to determine the extent of Jodie and Aiden's abilities and any applications they might have regarding the infraworld that the entities originated from. Nathan was particularly invested in this, as his wife and daughter were killed in a car accident not long after Jodie moved to the lab. Jodie was able to channel his deceased family in the hope that it would bring him some comfort, though she only succeeded in giving him a lifelong obsession with the idea of furthering communication with his wife and daughter on the Other Side.

Several significant milestones were reached while Jodie was living in the lab. Aiden learned to fight off the entities that had been tormenting her. He also fought off people who tormented her. Jodie was allowed to leave the lab to attend a fellow military brat's party as a teenager, but the other attendees wound up locking her in a closet. With Aiden's help, she escaped confinement - and with her permission, Aiden unleashed his considerable wrath on the other terrified partygoers.

When Jodie was eighteen, she learned that the U.S. government had succeeded in building a condenser, which opened a portal to the infraworld. Nathan awoke her in the middle of the night and took her to the facility, which was in bad shape; the entities from the Other Side were wreaking havoc, destroying equipment, and murdering DPA employees. Since Jodie was the only person with firsthand experience dealing with entities, Nathan asked her to go in and shut down the condenser. With Aiden's help, she was able to get down to the lab and fight off the entities (some of whom possessed the corpses of dead scientists in an attempt to stop her). She shut down the condenser and made it out alive, to Nathan's intense relief.

At nineteen, Jodie was drafted to join the CIA. Since the DPA was also a government agency, Nathan and Cole were powerless to stop the transfer. Jodie hadn't always enjoyed life in the lab, but she had come to view Nathan and Cole as father figures, and she resented being torn away from them. They, at least, cared about her; the CIA was more interested in the military and reconnaissance-related applications of Jodie and Aiden's skills.

One of the agents she worked with the most was Ryan Clayton. He was the one who 'recruited' her, and while they initially clashed, they eventually warmed up to one another. Jodie started to fall for him a little, to Aiden's frustration and disgust.

After two years with the CIA, Jodie was sent on a covert mission to assassinate a Somalian warlord. During the course of the mission, she befriended a young boy named Salim, and he helped her find her way through the city until she reached the compound where the man was hiding. Aiden possessed one of the soldiers and succeeded in killing their target, along with all the other men in the room. Unfortunately, one of the men was Salim's father. The boy, distraught, tried to kill Jodie, and she was nearly captured when she attempted to flee. Ryan and a host of other US military men choppered in and extracted her at the last minute.

On the return trip, as they approached CIA headquarters, Jodie learned that the man she and Aiden killed was not a warlord, but the democratically elected president. By killing him, they had only increased the instability and violence in the region. Jodie furiously confronted Ryan, who insisted that they were just following orders. Jodie had had enough of being the CIA's puppet, so she jumped out of the helicopter (with Aiden to cushion her fall) and went on the run.

The CIA was unwilling to let her go so easily, and she was pursued to a place called Bakertown. After a violent standoff during which most of her pursuers were killed, Jodie fled the city. And then a certain rift took an interest...

Writing Sample:

Here is a thing.

Anything else?



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